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Have you always dreamed about a skirt that will fit any curves?

I mean THIS. 

Have you ever had issues with straight pencil skirts from ready-to-made shops that always pull up when you walk?

Or with the jeans that make hips square instead of curvy?

And if you have a 🍑, it happens all the time. 

Actually ALL women even skinny models have some 🍑, is there a problem with the professional industry dress forms or patternmaking software may I please ask? 

So is there any solution for that?

Yes, and it’s called a biais cut skirt

Like this one from Sally La Pointe that has an advantage to be also a WRAP skirt which is absolutely fabulous for summer. 


The biais cut fits perfectly! 

It embraces your body smoothly and it’s the excellent choice for summer.

In fact I would say a silk or viscose biais cut skirt is one of the BEST choice for a hot summer. 

You can even take it a bit bigger or a bit smaller and it will always fit.

So let’s have a look at some of the biais cut summer 2020 skirts. 

The skirts here are not from very known designers, contrary to what we usually do.  All the photos in this post come from Moda Operandi who always have new and great designer names, I personally love this website because the selection if always sharp and luxury, they are wearable but its my favourite for trendwatching and especially to see the new names in fashion. 

First of all, what is the usual length of the biais skirt?

Typically, the biais skirts are ankle length or maxi length or even VERY maxi length for the evening look😍.

Like this one very maxi from Costarellos, or this silk one from Nili Lotan: 

..Or this one from For Restless Sleepers, opened and easy to wear: 

Sometimes Biais cut Skirts can be cut from several pieces of fabric and sewn in different senses, we see this 90s trend a lot, it creates a messy, easy to wear and mega cool effect like this skirt from Haider Ackerman, where the top of the skirt is cut from a stretch fabric and then sewn on the silk pieces of the fabric, a pretty sophisticated piece reserved to technically initiated in sewing:

I think you’ve already noticed that a lot of biais cut skirts are also wrap skirts because that’s an easy way to wear them in summer 😍.

The typical draping of the wrap skirt looks like this draping project from a student:

When you learn this technique,  you can make any kind of wrap skirt after. This one is a “mini wrap skirt” because this is a learning project from muslin but normally wrap skirts tend to be knee-high or below-the-knee, maxi are too huge and difficult to wear and minis is risqué because a wrap skirt opens a lot 😳

This is a beautiful biais cut wrap skirt from Sies Marjan: 

This is how it looks without a model where you can see very well that the grain line is in biais: 

Now you’ve seen different ways how the most sophisticated skirt techniques can be used for daywear or evening wear. You can learn these techniques and other techniques as flare, straight skirt and how to make belts and hems in our “Skirts: straight, wrap, pleated and gathered” French Draping Masterclass our in Bustier Dress with Biais Cut Skirt Masterclass with Madame Aurélie Vibet who teaches draping at French Institute of Fashion (IFM) and who has worked 10 years as a highest skilled master at Christian Dior Haute Couture.

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