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Bustier dress with circle skirt Haute Couture Draping Masterclass

Turn your dream of a perfect pattern into reality

9-weeks accelerated online Course full of well-explained tips for fashion designers who know  that only great pattern make a GREAT garment.

Better than in class: you can watch the video again and again as much as you want.

Equal to more than 20 hours of in-class experience, with individual one-to-one feedback from Professor with 10 years of experience at Christian Dior Haute Couture as première main hautement qualifiée. 


7 hours of detailed video instructions


Draping techniques from top Paris ateliers



Individual feedback from the Professor


Access 24h/day 7d/week


Professor: Aurélie Vibet

“Leading skilled master” at CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE for 10 years.
Professor at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris.

 Unique Haute Couture Techniques 

Bring your couture skills to the next level by joining our one-of-a-kind digital Program on Haute Couture Draping available from anywhere. Learn the draping techniques as taught in the best Paris fashion Schools without moving to Paris, learning French and spending thousands on living expenses.

This 9-weeks draping video course available in English brings you in the the heart of Parisian Luxury. You will learn the secret techniques of Paris Haute Couture ateliers. After this Master Class, you will be able to create your own haute couture dresses, tops and skirts using draping on stand techniques available only to the very few artisans of french luxury.

French Haute Couture Draping 

Draping is used to create patterns directly on the dress form.

Draping pattern is usually made from the white cotton muslin (toile in French), only on the right side of the dress form, for the questions of cost. This muslin pattern is used to create a paper pattern, and then, you use a paper pattern to create your final garment.

Draping is used for creating bespoke or luxury clothes, in particularly dresses, skirts, coats or jackets. With draping, you can change the form and proportions of your garment very easily.

Luxury and semi-luxury prêt-à-porter brands like Chanel, Saint-Laurent Paris, Maje or Marchesa use draping to create their prototypes in order to experiment with the shape and volume, before creating the prototype from the final fabric.

After only 1 Masterclass with ModaHow, you will have all the necessary tools to make your own garments.

This Program is for you if :  

You are a owner of a high-end fashion business :

You would like to create more elaborated and sophisticated patterns.

You would like to sell your collection at the higher price point.

You have never learned draping techniques.

You’ve learned only the basics which is not enough for your work/ and a long time ago.

You are a fashion designer :

Fan of haute couture and high-end fashion, you’ve been always dreaming to learn French draping techniques.

You’ve always wanted to work with that brand but they ask you if you have good draping skills and your draping skills are… well…they are not as fine as you wish they were.

You want to study in Paris but it’s too expensive.

In this Masterclass, we teach French draping method, very precise and well explained.

Within the Masterclass, you learn to create a skirt from A to Z, from the muslin to the final prototype and then paper pattern.

After the Masterclass, you will have enough skills to make the bustier tops, with or without arm drape, circle and godet skirts, straight or cut in biais, and evening and bridal dresses of any length.

The Program consists of 9 Modules



1st lesson.  Put the draping tape on the dress stand. Essential step for any type of draping.  This stage allows you to see each line of the body and to understand the proportions. You will see how to calculate the right measurements and why students in the best French schools spend hours to learn these techniques. You will then cut the fabric and prepare it for draping.

2nd lesson. Circle skirt: draping on stand.

3rd lesson. Circle skirt: adjustments.

4th lesson. Bustier top: learn to take the measurements and how to cut several pieces of bustier.

5th lesson. Bustier: draping on stand according to the couture standards.

6th lesson: Bustier: draping of the arm drape piece.

7th lesson. Bustier: the accordance lines, reference points, assembling.

8th lesson. Assembling the bustier and the skirt together to make the dress. Hemline.

9th lesson. Paper pattern: the right tool to use, how to draw and cut it.

After each lesson, you submit the homework and you get the individual feedback of the Professor.

Students’ Works  

What will I get after finishing the 5-week  Haute Couture Master Class? 

During several hours of intense training you will learn how to use the essentials of the French Draping Method.

After the Master Class, you will be able to create your own Haute Couture dresses, skirts and bustier tops using the French Draping Techniques and this without any flat patternmaking.

Serious Professor with real-life experience from the Haute Couture world, Aurelie is at the same time exigeant, and she wants her students to be successful.


What is Haute Couture draping?

Draping is used to create patterns directly on the dress form.

Draping pattern is usually made from the white muslin (toile in French), only on the right side of the dress form, for the questions of cost. This muslin pattern is used to create a paper pattern, and then, you use a paper pattern to create your final dress.

Draping is used by the French Haute Couture Houses for creating bespoke clothes, in particularly cocktail and evening dresses, skirts, coats or jackets. With draping, you can change he form and proportions of your garment very easily.

With draping, you can start creating your own dresses very quickly, after several hours of classes.

Who is this program for?

Founders of luxury evening wear or bridalwear brands, creative professionals, or designers wishing to create high-end haute couture garments.

What kind of garments I can do when I finish the Masterclass?

You will be able to create different kind of dresses, bustier tops and circle and/or godet skirts in straight cut or biais cut, of different length and thickness, from the daywear to the evening and bridal wear.

Do I need any Draping experience?

Normally, for our Masterclasses you dont need any knowledge of Draping. Draping, even the very high-level one, is very pleasant and intuitive process, just follow the Professor’s instructions!

But Bustier dress with circle skirt Masterclass is more demanding technically, so we usually don’t advise to start with it if you are really new to draping and pattermaking or generally to sewing. The best option to start is the “Skirts: Straight, Wrap, Pleated, Gathered” Masterclass.

How many hours I need in total to follow the Masterclass?

On average, you need between 15 and 20 hours to follow the course and finish all the homework.

What does the enrollment fee include?

24/7 access to every lesson in the class of a total of 7 hours, during 6 months.

Individual support from Professor after each module’s assignment (9 assignments included). 

Who are your students?

Our students are from all over the world. They are mostly the owners of bespoke fashion brands, couture brands, bridal wear or luxury ready-to-wear brands, or students of the main fashion universities like Parsons the New School or Fashion Institute of Technology.

Can I get a scholarship ?

We don’t provide scholarships. Our job is to give you the opportunity to learn the finest French haute couture techniques in any place in the world at an accessible fee (for comparing, the short summer course at a leading Paris fashion school costs approx. 1500 euros and you will need to pay for your flight and leaving expenses in Paris), and we try to do our best to offer you the best learning experience ever.

Are there any payment options available ?

We have a payment plan of 3 monthly payments.

What are the languages of the class?

The class is available in English and French.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes upon completion of your project, you will get a certificate signed by Professor with the photo of your dress.

Will Aurélie check my work by herself or it will be someone else ?

Yes, Aurélie Vibet is personally checking the work of each student so be sure send us the maximum of your photos. As there is a lot of special vocabulary, we translate each comment into French and back from French personally.

When does the Masterclass start?

Currently, there is no start date. You can start at any moment and follow the Masterclass at your pace.

Thanks to the implication that Madame Vibet has for each of her students, she has transmitted me her passion and the necessary skills to live this passion.


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