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7 hours of detailed video instructions


Draping techniques from top Paris ateliers



Individual feedback from the Professor


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Professor: Aurélie Vibet

“Leading skilled master” at CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE for 10 years.
Professor at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris.

Goal of the Masterclass:

Learn to create a bustier dress with boned top

and circle skirt with French Draping method.

Haute Couture Draping


Bring your couture skills to the next level by joining our one-of-a-kind digital Program on Haute Couture Draping available from anywhere. Learn the draping techniques taught at the the very selective Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne without moving to Paris, learning French and spending thousands on living expenses.


This 9-weeks draping video course available in English brings you in the the heart of Parisian Luxury. You will learn the secret techniques of Paris Haute Couture ateliers. After this Master Class, you will be able to create your own haute couture cocktail and evening dresses using draping on stand techniques available only to the very few artisans of french luxury.


You will learn


  • To put the draping tape on the dress form

  • To create your skirt: draw the lines and drape it on the stand

  • To create a bustier with bones: draw the lines, drape it on stand and cut it

  • To create a paper pattern

  • To cut a dress from final fabric

What will I get after finishing the 5-week  Haute Couture Master Class? 


During these intense training you will learn how to use the essentials of the French Draping Method.

After the Master Class, you will be able to create your own Haute Couture long and knee-high Dresses using the French Draping Techniques and this without any pattern.


You will go through the process from A to Z :


  • You will know how to put the draping tape following the French Atelier method (essential technique taught only in Paris schools).
  • You would be able to make all kind of circle skirts.
  • You will know how to create a boned bustier.
  • You will learn to cut a pattern from paper using your muslin pattern.
  • You will then cut a dress from final fabric using your paper pattern.

Serious Professor with real-life experience from the Haute Couture world, Aurelie is at the same time exigeant, and she wants her students to be successful.


What is the Haute Couture draping?

Draping is used to create garments on dummy, directly with the final garment fabric or white cotton fabric, without any pattern. Draping is used in the French Haute Couture Houses for creating bespoke clothes, in particularly cocktail and evening dresses, skirts, coats or jackets. Draping lets you change the form and proportions of the garment very easily. You can start creating your own dresses very quickly, after several classes.

Who is this program for?

Founders of luxury evening wear or bridal wear brands, creative professionals, or designers wishing to create high-end haute couture dresses.

Thanks to the implication that Madame Vibet has for each of her students, she has transmitted me her passion and the necessary skills to live this passion.


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