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What to learn from Isabel Marant

We’re starting the series of what to learn from… publications.

We’ve selected quotes from fashion designers&creative minds we personally love at ModaHow!

You will see how they’ve started, how they did business and why they succeeded.

First of them is Isabel Marant.

We like her because of her personality. As she says, «be cool, spontaneous and true to yourself». Her personal style is the identity of her brand. And this is one of the key thing to succeed in fashion.

For more than 20 years Isabel Marant company stayed independent. She succeeded in building a strong company starting from 1994, selling a major stake in 2016 to Montefiore investment fund.

Isabel Marant business is reportedly worth 300 million euros.

What to learn from Isabel Marant?

Find here her quotes about production, sales, merchandising, designer identity, marketing, etc… Most of this interviews are only available in French.

Designer’s identity

When I was 11, I had a very precise idea of what I wanted to put on me. I didn’t see it in shops so I started to create clothes for myself.

I don’t believe in trends and I don’t like them too much.

I never worked for any fashion house, I’ve launched my brand directly.

I’m associated with parisian style because I know very well how parisians are, cool&casual and elegant at the same time. French women take a lot of attention to them but they don’t like to show it. Effortless. This is how my style is.

I’m my first client, my first « crush-test ». My style evolved but the core if it stayed essentially the same.

The best advice I was given was from the director of my fashion school in Paris. She told me to never design what I will not wear by myself.


I never have time. I lack time. I’m so stressed with all the things I have to do, with all this work. So I go to swim to relax and to have energy. These moments are precious for me.

Music is very important for me. I listen a lot to the women rock bands. I get inspired by their tempo and the energy.

I live a usual life. I bring kids to school, go to the supermarket, ride my scooter. It’s important for me to stay real.


When we started to advertise, we went pretty slowly. Our turnover was rising each year since the beginning, so we dedicated a part of it to the advertising. It’s important to advertise. You know that when you’re advertising in a press, you get publications. It’s win-win.

A collaboration with H&M was a very good moment for our business in terms of worldwide communications.

Fashion industry

Fashion industry is a craft. There is real human dimension behind each creation.


I always used a lot of good and pretty raw materials, like silk or cotton. I do a lot of my collections in India, in small factories where they work with people from small villages.

I create all of my textiles and prints by myself. It’s very important for me.


Opening my shop in New York, it’s an « american dream » of a little girl who began her business in her room in her parent’s house. I’m very proud of it.


I always paid attention to pricing because for me things have their own value. I dont’ like to consume and buy a lot. Sometimes I can buy an expensive thing just because I love it, and another time I don’t want to spend a lot on a things for amusement. I always searched for a right price-quality balance and for coherence in my collections. It’s how the real life is.


My first publication and first cover was Elle France. This magazine was with me since my childhood.

(Quotes from video interviews to Arte, Paris Modes TV, Elle France, Nowness, Emirates Women, Neiman Marcus)

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