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Making of A Dior Couture Dress

If you are a luxury designer or if you want to became one, especially if you create evening dresses and work with silk and tulle, you should absolutely see this film!
Captivating and very informative, this one-hour video on making of Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2011 Collection «Tribute to illustrator Réné Gruau» shows very closely all the steps of creating one of the most beautiful piece of the collection, an outstanding red silk fai dress.

First you see how dressmaker and her assistant create a toile prototype. Dressmaker is really responsible for transforming the sketch: «When I receve the sketch from the designer, I prepare a tarlatan toile on the mannequin, to reproduce the forms on the sketch »…

See how highly qualified couture professionals transform the sketch into the incredibly stunning coat, from the toile to the podium, with all the details: how they cut, how they make pleats, how the embroideries are made… See how the real parisian ateliers work !!



Learn how to master the Haute Couture techniques at the online Haute Couture Masterclass with Aurélie Vibet,  Professor at Ecole Syndicale de la Chambre de la Haute Couture in Paris and “Leading skilled hand” at CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE for 10 years.

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