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Learning draping with ModaHow

Elva Chen from Sydney, Australia has successfully completed the Haute Couture Draping Program: «Fitted dress with flounce, train and drape» with Aurélie Vibet.  She talks to us about her experience.

What is your experience in fashion?

I’m currently at the 2nd year of Fashion Design and Technology Diploma at Australia Ultimo Tafe.

And have you ever learned fashion online?

No, never.

Why did you decide to learn the French draping?

I want to become a fashion designer. So I have to have the knowledge and basic skills to do the high end and couture and to know how that works.

Can you tell us about your learning experience during the Masterclass?

I liked it a lot in the way that I’ve done it and I’ve finished the toile, I think I was really enjoying it! The way how the draping was done, for me it was really fascinating.

I don’t really like patternmaking too much, I think draping is much better because it makes sense and fits well. If you do it (patternmaking) from the basic block and you don’t know how it fits to a specific mannequin, and every time you finish your toile and put it back, it doesn’t fit. You have to adjust it, going back and forward again, you know, it’s too many troubles. I’d rather just put a fabric, do the draping and make sure it fits.
Did you like the fact that you could stop the video and watch it again?

Yes of course. I stopped it whenever I needed to, going back or, if I didn’t understand, keep repeating, and watching it. I watched the video first at home and take notes, and then when I was at school I can start to do the draping, the homework from each lesson. That helped me to save time.

Because you were doing the Haute Couture Masterclass dress on your school mannequin, right?

Yes, because the one I’ve got at home is not good enough (adjustable dress forms are not well adapted for the Haute Couture Draping course because the draping on it is not precise – ModaHow).

What can you say about the feedback that you’ve received from Aurélie ?

She is a great teacher ! Very patient, responsible, professional.

Would you recommend the Masterclass to your friend?

I will recommend it to my classmates and other people who are into high-end and couture fashion. I’m really determined, I know what I’m going to do, and that’s why I did the Masterclass. I know that it will be benefit for me. The class really helped me, as I will be concentrated on the high-end and couture as my carrier path and goal, so for me, I had to do it.

In the future, are you thinking of launching your brand or to work in a high-end fashion brand?

Of course the final goal is to have my own brand, and at the beginning I have to work for a company to gain experience and connections.

You’ve already studied draping before in your school in Sydney, can you tell me what’s the difference of the French draping?

When I started the semester this year in my University, the teacher was actually teaching us draping as well, but not the couture draping, just the basic draping, for the skirt or dress. The French draping is different. I think couture is really a work of art, it’s amazing, really fascinating. It can’t be done by someone else other than French, it’s just like a secret hidden in that country! No one else can do it.

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