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French Draping Method by Aurélie Vibet


Online Program


Language: English or French


Level: Advanced


This Course is for you if you want to become a qualified and well paid professional & you already have draping or sewing skills.

If you are a patternmaker, fashion designer, owner of a bespoke brand or if you wish to change your job and try a completely different career path, this course is for you.

Jacket Draping Illustration
Celine Jacket

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What is the French Draping Method?

French Draping Method, or Moulage, or Coupe Moulage, is used by Parisian ateliers and taught in the best French fashion schools.

It is different from other draping methods taught in other countries.

Ease, great precision, plumb and neatness are some of the key concepts that make French Draping different from other methods.

These concepts, paired with the exceptional creativity, are rigorously and seriously applied to any garment made in a real luxury Parisian atelier.

You will learn to “tame” these elusive and raffinate ideas and apply them to your muslin and to your final garment during all the process of your learning with us.


Why do I need to learn draping?

You need to learn draping or to deepen your knowledge if:

  1. You work with luxury garments as a designer or patternmaker.
  2. You plan to create high-end clothes for yourself or for your clients.
  3. You want to become a patternmaker, fashion designer or to own a high-end bespoke atelier.



  • you have an atelier business and you are in search for the perfect fitting to make your customer even more happy and sell at the higher prices,
  • you know how to make garments but you want them to look more luxury and buying expensive fabric seems not enough,
  • you are desperately in search of a well-fitted product,
  • even expensive clothes seem ill-fitted and not adapted to your morphology, because they are made following a standard “medium” body type and you are not standard, like we all are, 
  • you’ve decided to try a completely different career path and to get a new income as a patternmaker,


Then this course is for you.

French Draping Method teaches you not only how to create patterns.

More importantly, it teaches you to find the best solution for you or for your client, to see what is suitable or not, to make yourself and your client look more pretty.

While learning, you will learn to develop the aesthetics and methodology proper for famous French brands you admire so much.


Is this Program for me?

This Program is for you if you already have some experience in draping. Please send us links to your portfolio/instagram, etc, when applying for the Course.

If you are a beginner, it will be better to start with our “Skirts: straight, wrap, pleated and gathered” or “Fitted dress with flounce, drape and train” Draping Programs.

How much you can earn after the Program?


The average patternmaker’s salary is $ 74.990 / year, according to Payscale



What will I learn during the “Women’s Jacket” Draping Program?

You learn to create a Jacket using the draping method.

First, you will prepare and cut your muslin, according to the cutting plan provided.

Then, you will create a jacket with the collar and buttonhole, following the instructions given in the Course Videos and Course’s Manual. 

During all the Program, you get individual feedback by Aurélie Vibet after each homework. 

You can apply this method to any type of jackets or coats. 

What I need to follow the Course? 

You need a dress form, better non-adjustable one, cotton draping tape, 0,5 cm, 3,5 cm of cotton muslin of the +medium weight and a pencil.

You can purchase the Course in “Pack” together with the Stockman Dress form and course supplies. Please let us know that you want this option before confirming your place in the Program. 

Why this Program is Professional?



Several hours of detailed video instructions

Draping techniques from top Paris ateliers



Individual feedback from the Professor


Access 24h/day 7d/week


Course’s instructor


Professor: Aurélie Vibet

“Leading top skilled master” at CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE for 10 years.
Professor of Draping at French Institute of Fashion/Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.



Course’s Structure

The first step is the draping tape placement, you learn to see the proportions of the body.

This step is very important. It helps you not only make muslins more precise, but you will also have a method for when, at work, or at fashion school, you have a not taped dress form, you will be able to tape it correctly.

Then you prepare and cut your muslin to make the bodice of the jacket, the front and the back. You will learn where to create a dart and why the dart of the jacket is different from the dart of the dress.

Then will cut the collar and the sleeve, and make it on the flat surface before pinning it on the jacket.

During all the course, you will get individual feedback from Aurélie.

You also get the 50-pages illustrated Course’s manual with all the main steps of the Jacket’s creation.





This course helped me discover techniques used in Haute Couture, while inspiring me to continue my work as a designer. The course helped me improve my eye for draping, teaching me what to look for and how to create a balanced garment.

I found it easy and enjoyable to learn with the course set-up. The lessons are clear and concise and Mme Vibet describes each step precisely, making it easy to follow her process. Any questions I had during the course were always answered quickly and in detail.

I am so happy that I found this course and would definitely recommend the class to a friend.

Jennifer Mayer

Owner, Private Atelier, Sweden

Student's testimonial dress
I enjoyed a lot studying draping technique with Aurélie Vibet in the program «Fitted dress with flounce, train and drape». It was the first time I have done a dress by draping on a dress form and I don’t have any full-time education in fashion design. Aurélie’s experience in the haute couture and the French school of the haute couture was very appealing to me.
After the course my dress form has a correct demarcation lines which is important not only for draping technique but is also helpful for a 2d pattern making. Now I know how to make a simple dress which is a basis and a starting point for other developed projects of dresses and tops. The train is a base for creating ruffles and flounces.
I appreciated the most that it was Aurélie who gave feedbacks and answered my questions related to the world of fashion. At the end of the course Aurélie sent me a paper version of my certificate with her real signature! It is great to learn from the person with such experience and personality.
Nataliia Fuchs

Patternmaker, Owner, Private Business

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